Ninety nine frigging weeks of unemployment!


We shouldn’t even have ANY unemployment protection!


If we didn’t have this stupid program people would take their jobs more seriously and they would make sure they had a new job before quitting their old job, show up on time, work hard, and follow the rules at work! You wonder why we are getting our butts kicked by the rest of the world. THIS!

But, Mark.. I LOST my job!!!

Get a NEW job MORON

But, Mark.. I can’t find a job that pays as much as my last job!!!

Do you like food MORON? Get a damn job and work your way back up the ladder and you will be buying $5000 worth of season tickets again in no time, but really you need to get a job or you will have to move back in with your mom.

The government that has enough power to take care of you has enough power to destroy you.

99 weeks of unemployment REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

If you have been looking for work for 99 weeks and you haven’t been able to find ANY gainful employment, yard work, fast food, anything, you are milking it and should be ashamed of yourself!

If you are not disabled and can’t find a job washing cars or whatever, do the country a favor and I will buy the bullet for you, 99 weeks and the man in the white house says you beggars need MORE time wow! Complete Bullshit!

We have been eating candy for dinner far too long and a grown up needs to start handing out spanking before our country gets repossessed for nonpayment like houses and cars of the fatally bad at math.


4 Responses to I Am Calling Bullshit On – 99 Weeks Of Unemployment Compensation!

  1. john says:

    What about the people who have been busting their ass for a damn job?! should they be ashamed of? I’ve been trying to get a job for years but assholes will not hire me. I had interviews I freakin applied everywhere wasting gas just to get a damn job there are no jobs out there. Can’t even get a job with fastfood.

  2. John's a Loser says:

    Years huh? well you either suck at interviews or you talk the way you post. Your a loser, do something with yourself

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