Pelosi flew into New York aboard Air Force One with President Obama, on Sept 22nd, who was to address the United Nations and then head for a fund-raiser at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Pelosi was going straight to the fund-raiser, so she opted for a motorcade rather than hitch a ride on the presidential helicopter.

She climbed into a limousine expecting to be whisked away with a police escort, only to be informed the area was frozen until Obama had safely flown away.

Pelosi decided that the freeze could not apply to her. She sent her security detail over to inform the Secret Service and the Port Authority police that she desired to depart immediately.

The Pelosi detail came over with a look that said they had to ask because their boss was insisting. The reply was what they knew it would be.


After 10 minutes at the very most, Obama departed and Pelosi’s motorcade was immediately allowed to proceed.

She would have done well to retain the perspective her 5-year-old grandson showed while riding with her in her first motorcade the day she became speaker.

“This is great! This is what I want to be when I grow up,” the boy said, by her account.

“You want to be speaker of the House?” she asked.

“No, I want to be a motorcycle policeman,” the boy said.

Shame on you Nancy! Even at 5 your grandson gets it.


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