Friday, May 25, 2007

The Jerk In The Vegas Seven Card Stud Game

I suppose you might call this a rant rather than a blog and I wish I knew this belly crawlers name because I would post it here. I was waiting for the 10/20 no limit feeder game to fill up a little more as it was three handed and I am just now feeling comfortable in that game, but shorthanded was not in my comfort zone yet. So I decide to sit shorthanded in the 20/40 limit stud game, why I thought that was a good idea only the lord knows, but I sat.

I bought in for a rack of red ($500.00) and I play fairly tight in that game jacks or better split and nines or better wired, so I was sitting there four handed anteing and mucking a lot and this guy who I can only describe as a fifty year old “I’m so much better than you California type” was jamming the pot at every street and the other two guys would call the small bets and when the big bet came he would auto fire and they would lay down. I pick up rolled up threes and make quads on Fourth Street and I check raise Mr. Wonderful and he re pops and so do I. He gives me the, you are supposed to fold not raise look; “can you beat a full house?” I say “So I need quads?” he re-raises so do I and then he calls. I bet dark and he mucks his hand, he says nothing and I stack his chips.

This is where he pissed me off, like five or six hands later I pick up three spades and figure I will call and see what happens, long story short there is mass action and he is aggressing the whole way and I am calling all his bets. We get our last card and I have completely missed so I bet $40.00 and he goes into the showing me one of his down cards is a jack telling me that with his other cards he has a straight and raises and I am sure he is totally full of shit so I re-raise. He turns his hole cards face up and says you got me and I wait until the dealer turns his cards over and puts them into the muck and show him my cards to tell the jerk he folded the winner.

Then a thing happens I cannot believe! He says “Wait, I call” and puts out $40.00 and says “Tabled Hand” I say no way and the floor is called, Tim who is a friend of mine and a very nice guy says “Mark, I am sorry but if he tabled his hand (ie: turned his hand face up and put them on the table) those cards are playable, it isn’t very sportsman like but he is right.” I was red hot now “Tim his cards were in the muck!” This jerk was yelling so loud for this pot that Jared the floor supervisor walked by and this was his undoing. He carefully explained everything to Jared and I mean everything including him showing me the Jack and Jared says “I don’t care about the tabled hand push this man his pot” and points to me. He goes on to say that if Mr. Wonderful exposed one of his cards to an active player his hand is dead right there.

That was the final decision and I started racking up my chips when Mr. Angle shooter says you’re picking up? I said “I don’t play cards with assholes and you qualify. He says “So your calling me and Asshole?” and I said stood up, he stood up and I had him by at least a hundred pounds and I was pissed! “If it is too noisy in here for you we can go outside and visit.” He sat down and I finished racking up. What a jerk, he plays in that game all the time and seven stud is not my game I am just learning. I sit at the highest limit there is in that casino for that game and give him action. Honestly he has the best of it and he wants to pull some cheap crap like that? I won’t play in that game with him again until I have a much stronger game, first I play to have fun and second when I play him again I will have the best of it. You can shear a sheep many times but butcher it only once. I feel sorry for the guy fifty or sixty years old and his integrity tank is on empty, what a wasted life.

Just then Hoyt Corkins walks by and sits in the 10/20 No limit feeder game. I yell over to Tim and say put me on the list for the 10/20 and he says seat open boss I will lock it for you.
More on this in the next blog “Playing short with Hoyt”

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